Hannah & Mark - Godwick Barn Wedding Photography

Godwick Barn Wedding Photography | Hannah & Mark

Joyful, Magical, Togetherness

I'm totally blown away by this wedding. Two weeks on, still thinking about it. I actually fell in love with Hannah, Mark and their friends. Seriously. I didn't want to leave. 16 hours of shooting. A 16 hour dream.

The Story of Hannah & Mark

"The day I married my best friend and soul mate truly was the happily ever after I had always dreamed of. To me love is the bond between two people that is so naturally strong. It is when you have your own silly language that no one else would understand. It's when you would give up anything and everything for each other. It's the feeling you get when all you have to do is think of each other and it brings a smile to your face and happiness to your heart. We wanted a fun, laid back relaxed day for our wedding to reflect our personalities which is why we chose Godwick Barn our venue. It really did turn out to be the best day ever. Naturally the lead up to the big day can be very stressful with so much to plan and organize but when the day arrives you forget about all the silly details and nothing else matters apart from one another. Jacob was amazing, not only is he so talented wedding photographer but he also made us feel so at ease and instantly felt like an old friend. He added so much to our day and we could not be more thankful that we chose him to do our photography. We all had so much fun and made beautiful memories to last a lifetime"

Godwick Barn Wedding Photography

I hope you enjoy their story


 Godwick Barn Wedding Photography
Godwick Barn Wedding Photography

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Kinkell Byre Wedding Photography

Kinkell Byre Wedding Photography | Kerry & Luke

Kinkell Byre Wedding Photography

In a way this post will be no different than others. Once again I’ve been lucky enough to witness and have a privilege to photograph an event that I could not possibly describe with words. What you see below is a short story from Kerry + Luke’s Kinkell Byre wedding. A short story from an incredible day. A day full of fun, laughs, filled with love. A beautiful day, just look at this photos below. I knew this wedding will be amazing. It was better.

See it yourself, this amazing day of Kerry & Luke


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Lewes Castle Wedding Photography

Lewes Castle Wedding Photography | Claire & David

This marvelous wedding really had it all - the most beautiful bride, a very handsome groom, seven fantastic bridesmaid, a lot of handmade details and the most amazing venue. It was my first wedding at Lewes Castle and I absolutely fell in love with this place.

There was a charming open air area in the castle which gave an an exceptionally calm, romantic feeling. It really suited Claire and David who are the most gentle, loving and kind people you could ever meet. It was a special moment where I was able to share their happiness and tears of joy. These are my favourite kind of wedding pictures!

The reception took place at the beautiful summerfield under a huge marquee. Friends and family of Claire and David sat and danced at the campfire. It was a hot summer evening and the soft light from sunset was perfect. The golden light of a hot summer evening was perfect so after the first dance I took Claire and David for a walk... take a look:

The Story of Claire & David

The excitement, the nerves, the stress of planning all disappears in one amazing, fuzzy blur when you are walking down the aisle and see the man you are about to marry smiling back at you. For our wedding we wanted an intimate ceremony and then a big celebration with all our friends and family, ideally outdoors with beautiful views. We were very lucky to find a rustic castle to have our outdoor ceremony and then the most stunning field surrounded by the South Downs where we had a huge celebration with delicious food, lots of drink, an epic funk band, a fire pit and of course enough fairly lights to sink a battle ship!

Everyone says it, but it truly is the most amazing day that you will remember forever. It goes by in a heartbeat, take time to soak it all in. What was so lovely about Jacob is that just at the right moment, he whisks you off somewhere beautiful to be photographed as husband and wife, not just to take pictures but to give you time to be alone together to soak in the enormity of the day. We now have the most stunning pictures of that time together that we will never forget.

Jacob instantly made us feel at ease with him, it was a pleasure to have him photograph our day and we are now lucky enough to call him our friend.

Lewes Castle Wedding Photography

Evian les Bains Wedding Photography

Evian les Bains, France | Magdalena & Sacha

Evian les Bains Wedding Photography

Couldn’t think of a more beautiful location to work on a wedding than France. Magdalena and Sacha invited me to the charming village of Evian les Bains, famous primarily for Evian water. Most of the times I tend to arrive at the location day before the wedding to check out the place but this time I made an exception. I arrived few days earlier to relax, rejuvenate and rejoice. It was July and it seemed Evian les Bains was the answer

The day Magda and Sacha tied the knot was one of those hot, lazy summer days. Sacha spent the morning in the swimming pool along with his friends, while Magda chose to stay with family in her lovely apartment in the center of Evian.

It was different...for the first time I had a opportunity to document such a beautiful ceremony. Magda walked down through the streets of Evian to the nearby Register Office where they got married in the intimate ceremony with close friends and family members. After the ceremony all guests were invited on a boat cruise on Lake Geneva followed by the dinner at the chateau where they dance until the late hours to the Balkan rhythms.

See it yourself

“Eight months after the wedding and my husband and I are still looking at the pictures with a tearful eye… what a wonderful time it was! And we will always remember it as the best moment in our life! I have to say, thanks to those mesmerising pictures, we appreciate the area we live in, more than ever. Jacob, had shown us spots we hardly new about. Through the preparations and the ceremony, i think the most I loved the photos at the lake. It was fun, exciting abd daring experience. Jacob made us to climb on a rock, not so close to the shore! If I didn’t trust him that much, I would never risk falling in the water in my wedding outfit!! However the way he made us feel was at ease and we knew the outcome will be worth it. And here you go…Thanks for capturing the best day of our life for us, Jacob! ”

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Boho Wedding Photography

Boho Wedding Photography | Ellie & Peter

The Story of Ellie & Peter at Five Oaks Events

Floral crowns, epic rustic accents, macrams, round hay bales, dream catchers and a vintage wedding car were part of the bohemian theme. Ellie and Peter got married in the summer at the amazing wedding party at Five Oaks Events. Their wedding at the Teepee was simply magical. The hot summer night, fantastic guests, luminosity of the fairy lights and the most wonderful couple. Since I often travel for weddings I was delighted that this time it was just around the corner from my town, it felt really special.

I love working on boho weddings!

It was a charming church ceremony followed by a reception in a large teepee where they served pizza for dinner. An intimate, family atmosphere and a damn good party. Here’s Ellie telling you about her wedding:

“Our wedding day was the most special start to our marriage. We had both been anticipating the day for several years and were overjoyed when it finally arrived. Jacob Malinski was actually the one to encourage us in creating a day that really represented us as a couple. Following that conversation we decided against the hotel wedding package and instead took the plunge and booked our outside tipi venue in Sussex. This ended up being the best advice we received, and enabled us to create a day in which we could celebrate the most important things in our lives - each other, our families, and above all, our faith in God. We were really blessed to be able to have over 200 people at our church ceremony and 120 at our reception meal and even though it was a large gathering it still felt intimate and like one big family. At times throughout the day we just looked around the room and felt overjoyed by the sense of love everyone was sharing. The meal was just like a family picnic but still felt so special and exactly how we'd hoped it would be. Many of our decorations were home made and this added to the rustic, cosy vibe, along with the fires for roasting marshmallows, fur rugs, and fairy lights. Since the wedding we have received our amazing photos and album from Jacob and it is so special to be able to relive the day. We both continue to pass on Jacob's advice to other couples we know: forget what anyone else has done and create a day that represents YOU!”

Venue and Food - 5 Oaks Events 

Wedding Dress - "Hope" by Heidi Hudson bought at Wed2Be

Groom's outfit - Burton Menswear 

Wedding Planner - The Bride and Groom! And Mother of the Bride of course!

Bride's Shoes

Accessories - Miriam Markham (Bride's earrings, necklace, and hair vine, and Bridesmaid's earrings)

Bridesmaid's Dresses 

Groomsmen Outfits 

Hair and Make up 

Cake - Made by an amazing friend <3


Entertainment  - A friend who DJ's did our evening party. The groom's cousin, percussive fingerstyle guitarist Matt Socci, played as our guests arrived for canapes.

Boho Wedding Photography

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Wild Garden at The Hyde Estate | Sophie & Christoper 1

Wild Garden at The Hyde Estate | Sophie & Christoper

This wedding was something special. Bohemian vibes, white decorations enriched with rustic deep, velvety, red, orange and green colour pallets.

Where do I begin to describe the level of attention to details that Sophie and Christopher went on with their stunning Hyde Estate wedding ?! I have never seen such attention to details at a wedding and they made almost everything themselves, including all the wonderful flowers and bouquets.

I knew that Sophie and Christopher were going for a DIY wedding, but it was only when I met them personally on the wedding day, when they were busy putting everything in place, I realized how many things were made by them. Seriously, these two can set up a wedding planner company!

From our first email conversation it was pretty clear that Sophie and Christopher wanted to have an outdoor wedding in their personal, unique style. Sophie always dreamed of getting married in the forest, but being in the UK, they had to consider the weather, access for guests and all the logistics.

The moment they found The Wild Garden at Hyde Estate in West Sussex,they knew it was the perfect venue they were looking for. Everything you see in their wedding pictures, Sophie and Christopher either bought, borrowed or made themselves.