I am Jacob.

I am a dreamer, an adventurer, an enthusiast and a photographerKent Wedding Photographer

Jacob Malinski Photography

Everyone’s story is a complete picture made up of facts, feelings and interpretations, which means that part of your story is not even told by you. But part of your story can be captured by my candid photography, and this is what motivates me to follow my dream. Let us tell your story! My heart is in storytelling weddings and elopements. The stuff that focuses on the love and the “why” to the wedding. The interactions between you and your fiancé, shamelessly in love with each other.

I am motivated by your love; raw and real. Everything from your excited tears before “I do”, to the gut wrenching laughter as the best-man toasts. It’s my job to capture images that elicit the feelings you had in those exact moments. And together, let’s capture your unique story!

My Approach

I really do believe that wedding photography is not only about pretty pictures or wonderful portraits set in amazing places during picturesque sunset.

Wedding photography is essentially about moments that with time become memories, memories become stories and stories eventually turn into a heritage.  It’s about that spark in the eyes of your grandchildren, looking at your wedding photos taken decades ago.

Wedding photography brings back memories, stories…makes them fresh again despite the passage of time. And its for those stories, for those moments I do what makes me feel so grateful that when I am documenting your wedding we preserve a unique piece of history, irreversibly.

Before the Wedding

At the very beginning of our adventure, I always would like to meet you, if possible, in person, if not via Skype, Facetime or any other way, whatever is convenient for both of us. At this point the what is most important is not business but simply getting to know each other. You will tell me what you like, what you want in life and what you enjoy.

I want to hear how you like your morning coffee, if you like discovering new places, how much you love each other and whether you have dog, what are your hobbies so I can tell your story as sincerely as I possibly can.
From me you will hear everything that is important about your wedding. How I photograph, what time do I start and why do I keep photographing your wedding when it is 10pm.

I do not call you “clients”, I call you my friends, because together we will have an amazing time and truly unforgettable adventure.

During the wedding day

Every wedding is as exceptional as you are, so I do not want to photograph your wedding the way I did one before. I want to document your personal story with its most significant moments. Moments such as those pure emotions when look at each other for the first time at the altar. The teardrop on your father’s cheek during the ceremony. Warm hugs and kisses from your best friends. The moment you can’t stop laughing, when you dance like no one is watching, when you want to scream and cry for joy.

My goal is to capture all these little moments as they happen. In a sincere and personal manner, to create the story of your wedding day, not just what it looked like, but how it felt.

That’s why I really do not want to be just one of the suppliers at your wedding. I do not want to be a photographer there, I want to be there as a companion, a guest and a friend. I want to cry when you cry and laugh when you laugh, I want to share your joy and happiness.

In order to create an honest and personal document from your wedding day, I want to spend as much time as possible with you, so I am available for you all day, without any time limit.

I always do sessions with you in the evening, during the sunset hours. I make it quite late because want you to spend most of the day with your relatives, family and friends. Evening is the time when you are relaxed, no one is waiting for you and no one asks you where you went. I really enjoy this time with couple because you have the opportunity to spend 20-30 minutes alone, get away from your wedding, enjoy each other’s company, talk, cuddle, hold each others hand and whisper lovely lovingly.