This wedding was something special. Bohemian vibes, white decorations enriched with rustic deep, velvety, red, orange and green colour pallets.

Where do I begin to describe the level of attention to details that Sophie and Christopher went on with their stunning Hyde Estate wedding ?! I have never seen such attention to details at a wedding and they made almost everything themselves, including all the wonderful flowers and bouquets.

I knew that Sophie and Christopher were going for a DIY wedding, but it was only when I met them personally on the wedding day, when they were busy putting everything in place, I realized how many things were made by them. Seriously, these two can set up a wedding planner company!

From our first email conversation it was pretty clear that Sophie and Christopher wanted to have an outdoor wedding in their personal, unique style. Sophie always dreamed of getting married in the forest, but being in the UK, they had to consider the weather, access for guests and all the logistics.

The moment they found The Wild Garden at Hyde Estate in West Sussex,they knew it was the perfect venue they were looking for. Everything you see in their wedding pictures, Sophie and Christopher either bought, borrowed or made themselves.