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Hello I Am Jacob

I live in Crowborough, a small town near Tunbridge Wells, Kent. I am a photographer, an adventurer, an enthusiast, and a loving partner of to my girlfriend. I like to get up in the morning and with a fresh cup of coffee look through the window at the world waking up to life. I value life, these seemingly insignificant moments. I do not wait for miracles and believe life is not complicated…love is the answer to everything.

I love meeting new people. Listening to their stories and telling their stories. I love meaningful conversations that let you forget about time. I love being happy. Good fun and loud laughter. I love endless possibilities that life brings you. Day by day. Night by night. And I capture all these moments. Very closely and honestly. Forever.

Beautiful things make us all smile. Let us tell your story.The most beautiful things happen when you least expect it.
This is not every day. This is one day. Your day.

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