Evian les Bains Wedding Photography

Couldn’t think of a more beautiful location to work on a wedding than France. Magdalena and Sacha invited me to the charming village of Evian les Bains, famous primarily for Evian water. Most of the times I tend to arrive at the location day before the wedding to check out the place but this time I made an exception. I arrived few days earlier to relax, rejuvenate and rejoice. It was July and it seemed Evian les Bains was the answer

The day Magda and Sacha tied the knot was one of those hot, lazy summer days. Sacha spent the morning in the swimming pool along with his friends, while Magda chose to stay with family in her lovely apartment in the center of Evian.

It was different…for the first time I had a opportunity to document such a beautiful ceremony. Magda walked down through the streets of Evian to the nearby Register Office where they got married in the intimate ceremony with close friends and family members. After the ceremony all guests were invited on a boat cruise on Lake Geneva followed by the dinner at the chateau where they dance until the late hours to the Balkan rhythms.

See it yourself

“Eight months after the wedding and my husband and I are still looking at the pictures with a tearful eye… what a wonderful time it was! And we will always remember it as the best moment in our life! I have to say, thanks to those mesmerising pictures, we appreciate the area we live in, more than ever. Jacob, had shown us spots we hardly new about. Through the preparations and the ceremony, i think the most I loved the photos at the lake. It was fun, exciting abd daring experience. Jacob made us to climb on a rock, not so close to the shore! If I didn’t trust him that much, I would never risk falling in the water in my wedding outfit!! However the way he made us feel was at ease and we knew the outcome will be worth it. And here you go…Thanks for capturing the best day of our life for us, Jacob! ”

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