It was a beautiful day on Katie and Tom’s wedding that took place in a small town of Thornham, Norfolk, where Tom’s parents live. Once again I was very lucky to be part of a wonderful celebration of love, joy and laughter. The wedding day ended with a beautiful sunset on the beach of Norfolk…there was nothing more to add to their happiness. Take a look yourself:

What we wanted for our day was a photographer who would blend in like a guest and know how to make us feel comfortable when capturing our most special moments. Jacob has such a way of making us feel relaxed and at ease. We really wanted our pictures to represent our story and to capture all the raw emotions we felt on what was the most amazing and special day of our lives and Jacob managed to do just that. We were so grateful he took the time to plan out a perfect location away from the wedding for us to share some time alone together and reflect on our day; all while Jacob captured some beautiful photos of those precious moments. We cannot thank Jacob enough for all his efforts. He is not only an incredible photographer but has become a wonderful friend.